Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hot Secrets, Possession, Engaged in Wickedness, & Dark Seduction

I had some time to catch up on a couple of books on my TBR:

Hot Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones 
A sweet and sexy romantic suspense story with a sexy bodyguard and an assistant DA trying not to become a victim. 

Possession by Linda Mooney
I’ve never been one for ghost stories and I’m still not.  A friend said this one will change your mind.  Nope.  J is a blind seer and Kiel Stark is a cop that was killed in the line of duty but brought back.  There was no way this could end well.

Engaged in Wickedness (Bridal Favors-Engaged #1) by Jade Lee
This was a fun freebie from Jade Lee to introduce her Bridal Favors series.

Dark Seduction (Altered States) by Cheyenne McCray 
Cheyenne McCray does good PNR.  This is no exception.  Tori  meets and falls for Logan, fast.  Then her boss informs her that Logan is a bad guy and she must go under cover and retrieve info on the top-secret project he is working on.  This looks like the first in a series.  I hope so.  

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