Monday, February 6, 2012

Shane's Last Stand (Short Story) by Suzanne Brockmann

Prequel to Born to Darkness.   A short story about Shane’s final mission as an officer with SEAL Team Thirteen—the mission that strips him of his command, earns him a dishonorable discharge, and leaves him blacklisted and unlikely to find work in the darkly futuristic world of the mid-twenty-first century.
Shane is an officer with a bright future ahead until he and his team is sent on a mission to take out a terrorist known for blowing up hospitals and children except the target isn’t who they say she is.  Shane and his team have been sent to take out a witness to a massacre who is in hiding.  Shane aborts the mission knowing it could cost him his career. 
Once again Suzanne Brockmann gives us a strong, moral fighting man who does the right thing against all comers.  I am looking forward to Born to Darkness.  

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