Friday, February 17, 2012

Fury of Fire (Dragonfury #1) by Coreene Callahan

Nurse practitioner, Myst Munroe is having a bad day and it is about to get worse.  Myst goes to check on pregnant patient Caroline and finds her bleeding out on the floor.  She begs Myst to save the child.  911 says it will take 30 minutes for an ambulance so she performs an emergency c-section and saves the child.  Then her world gets really interesting. 
Dragon shifters are at war.  On the one hand are the Nightfury (led by Bastian) who wish to coexist peacefully with humans and then there are the rogue Razorbacks (led by Ivar) who think that humans are pests only good for breeding and eating and the rest should die. 
Bastian takes Myst and the baby into custody while saving her from the Razorbacks.  Back at the lair we meet several hunky alpha dragons and a beta elf (who I want for my very own). We learn about their world and Bastian and Myst fall in love.  But there are questions and stories untold so this will be an interesting series.  I liked that Myst was a strong woman who didn’t let the alpha male lie to her, and owned when she was wrong.
As I was reading this I kept thinking of Lara Adrian’s Breed series.  This is a lot like it only with dragon-shifters.  It has room to grow and I shall join the ride

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