Friday, February 10, 2012

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (Jazz Tremaine #1) by Linda Wisdom

Jasmine Tremaine is a witch who can't stay out of trouble.  Nikolai Gregorivich is a gorgeous vampire looking into the disappearance of several vampires. Jazz and Nick’s love affair has been on-again, off –again for about 300 years.  Now Nick needs Jazz's help with stopping an enemy that Jazz thought she had killed already. They are surrounded by a fun bunch of characters, including Irma, the chain-smoking ghost who haunts Jazz's sports car, Dweezil, her ghoul of a boss, and Fluff and Puff, a pair of bunny slippers with sharp teeth, short tempers and voracious appetites. 

My daughter brought this one to my attention.  If you like Kimberly Frost's Southern Witch series or Candace Havens' Bronwyn the Witch series (which I would love to see more of) you'll enjoy Jazz Tremaine.

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