Friday, August 30, 2019

The Sweet Unknown (The Dank Courts Book 3) by Dagmar Avery, K. Margaret, Stella Price

A quest fulfilled, and a new king on her arm, Gobeth Argos has a lot of work to do, starting with the bonding of her king and herself, as well as introductions to the rest of the Nightmare Courts. 

Bringing the chancellors from the Sluagh to heel is first on the agenda; especially because she knows they are involved in foul play and a plot to give their courts to the goblin king, Huron. 

Her king’s emergence will not only set everyone straight, but bring old enemies out of the shadows, and truths long buried to the surface. Blood will be spilled, and allegiances will be formed. 

A war is coming, one that has been brewing since long before she was born, one that will test those she loves, her allies, and even Faerie itself. And with the war comes new opportunities and the blossoming of faerie in a way they never thought possible. 

My review:
The Sweet Unknown picks up right where Calling to the Deep left us hanging. Gobeth finds her king and he is the perfect guy to help her slap down the insurrection among the Sluagh. But they are the smallest of Gogo’s problems and she is going to need all her men and help from the other courts to take on the Goblin King and the Hobs. With all the changes in Faerie and despite being the Nightmare Courts it seems that love is stronger and what keeps them keeping on. This terrific addition to the series is filled with action, adventure and love.

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