Sunday, August 25, 2019

Pretty Little Fairies: A New Adult Fantasy Romance by Sophie Stern

A fairy king. A dark fae. An attraction that could kill them both. 

My sister needs a potion or she’s going to die. The stakes are high when I wander into Dark Falls, but they’re even higher when I meet someone who could change…everything. Dark fairies aren’t allowed in the capital city. We aren’t allowed anywhere. Ever. 

The fairy king is a notorious asshole who only looks after himself. He doesn’t care if his people starve. He doesn’t care if the world burns around him. Not as long as he has his girls and his admiration. 

But when I’m captured, the fairy king might also be my only chance at escaping before it’s too late.

My review:
Pretty Little Fairies is a different kind of fairytale. This one is filled with magic and magical beings but in this one the girl saves the guy. I LOVE IT! This was a short fun filled read that will leave you with a smile.

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