Thursday, August 1, 2019

Her Royal Choice: A Reverse Harem Romance by Cassidy K. O'Connor

A princess in love with three very different men forced to choose only one or lose them all. 

Thirteen-year-old Princess Addilyn Savoy was devastated when her three best friends, Dorin, Beck, and Noah were taken from the castle to finish their training. Returned to her at eighteen they were not the boys who left her. Now they were grown men tantalizing her at every turn. 

Her world is turned upside down when the Queen demands she chooses one to be her mate and send the other two away forever. They are forced to compete in contests of strength and agility to prove they are the best choice. Addilyn has three weeks to choose which one she can’t live without. 

Does she have the strength to choose only one or will she find a way to keep all three? #whychoose

My review:
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Princess Addilyn Savoy hs grown up sheltered. She has three friends to her name. And now she is being forced to choose only one of them to love. The Queen is a cold hearted b***h and has raised her daughter to be a royal broodmare. To be fair she has her reasons for being the way she is and acting the way she does but she has only recently shared them with the princess. But it doesn’t make choosing any easier for Princess Addilyn. This is a tale of love, honor and duty with a twist.

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