Sunday, June 2, 2019

Huntsville Pack Boxed Set (Huntsville Alpha's Mate Series Book 5) by Michelle Fox

A boxed set packed full of shifter goodness. The alphas every reader needs all in one place.
Enjoy almost 200,000 words of bestselling shifter reads. THREE critically acclaimed novels and the short story that started it all.
Bring Her Wolf: Chloe's wolf finally comes and chooses her mate, the next pack alpha. More than 100,000 copies downloaded.
The Alpha's Mate: Chloe claims her place as Alpha's Mate and defends the pack and proves her worth.
The Alpha's Justice: Sheriff Talon Garde learns love doesn't care about law and order when his mate wants nothing to do with him.
The Alpha's Fight: Alpha Ryder Chase fights for a future worth having while unraveling the mystery of the strange woman who is his mate. Is she friend or foe?

My review:
Huntsville Pack Boxed Set contains four smoking hot shifter stories sure to get your blood humming and put a smile on your face.
Bring Her Wolf – Chloe is a null a shifter who can’t shift. According to pack rules she can’t stay. When the manwhore of a future Alpha offers to help bring her wolf what’s a girl to say. This is a steamy and sweet tale of an outsiders redemption. I loved Chloe.
The Alpha's Mate – In which we see Chloe come into her own and she is fierce.
The Alpha's Justice – Whats a guy to do when the woman who sets his wolf on fire doesn’t want him? It’s not just him its any guy claiming to be her mate. Gretchen doesn’t believe in them. But Sheriff Talon Garde always gets his woman. Sweet and filled with action I was amazed these two finally made it to bed.
The Alpha's Fight - Ryder Chase is a fighter but isn’t interested in challenging his former Alpha for the job he is making arrangements to create his own pack. While waiting for approval from the Pack Council Ryder’s Grandma Tilly has a job for him. She wants him to help the young she-wolf with amnesia. This is a story filled with action adventure and love.

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