Friday, June 21, 2019

Covering His Fox: Paranormal Dating Agency (Heads N’ Tails Series) by Roxanne Witherell

How long can you hide your love? 

Foxy O’Malley has watched as others found their true loves. Her patience was running thin, working alongside the man that was meant for her. After receiving an anonymous gift, she boldly makes the first move. 

Menot Talbit moved into the city to prepare for the rest of the clan. When he started working at Heads N’ Tails he had no idea he would find his mate. The only problem is he was warned to stay away or lose his job. 

After customers start disappearing, detectives suspect Foxy is behind it all. When she doesn't come in for her shift, it's up to Menot to prove them wrong. 

My review:
This fast paced adventure in love took me too places I’ve never been. Foxy O’Malley is a smart, tough stripper who knows that a girl has only herself to make sure she makes out ok. She knows how to work the pole and is proud of who she is. But strippers need love too and most guys can’t handle her profession. I really enjoyed my peek into Foxy’s world and think that burly bear shifter Menot has his paws full.  

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