Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Fireborn (Born Prophecy #1) by Katie MacAlister

What if a war was taking place under your nose? 
Two ancient races locked in a battle for survival. 
Which side would you take? 

Allegria appears to all to be nothing more than a simple priestess devoted to worship of the sun goddess. Hallow is a masterless apprentice. Deo was meant to save the world and bring the Fireborn and Starborn together in peace. 

But then invaders beseiged the land of the Starborn, breaking the prophecy. Now Allegria has fled the priesthood, and wields the power of the sun. Hallow accepts the mantle of leadership he so long avoided. And Deo is tormented and tortured by the power of the invaders, using chaos itself to create an army that will drive the interlopers from the land, and bring about the peace of the Fourth Age. 

The three unlikely heroes must learn to trust where there is suspicion, to believe where there is only doubt, and to fight when all hope is lost.

My review:
After a slow start Fireborn takes off and keeps you riveted. This isn’t typical light hearted Katie MacAlister this is epic fantasy. This is trudging through the detritus of war. Dealing with the politics of prophecy and gods. It took me awhile to warm up to the characters but by the end I liked them and wanted to see them succeed. Great world building. Cliff hanger.

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