Saturday, May 25, 2019

Treason in Norfolk (X-OPS: The Unclassified Files #1) by Paige Tyler

An unlikely meeting…
Agent Eden Bristow never thought she’d end up fighting mafia-types in an alley right before her sister’s wedding, much less that one of the thugs would be a shifter like her. But what surprised her more was the hot-as-hell soldier who jumped into a bullet firestorm to help her. Scratch that. What surprised her more was the fact he saw her shift and he didn’t freak out. What are the chances she’d meet a man she was not only attracted to, but who could be trusted with government secrets? Slim. One who's willing to step into the mess that is her family? Priceless. So where do they go from here?

An undeniable love.
Sergeant Travis Dempsey was in Virginia for his sister’s graduation. The last thing he expected was to stumble upon a beautiful DCO agent who could kick a bad guy’s ass and still look good in the process. Scratch that. The last thing he expected was for her to have claws and lust-inducing bright green eyes. Feline shifter? Those kinds of things didn’t exist… but they do. And everything about the gutsy, independent woman is drawing Travis in, until he’s falling head-over-combat-boots for her.

But Eden is caught up in something dangerous. And trying to protect her baby sister may get them all killed before Travis has a chance to tell Eden how he feels.

My review:
Everybody wants to be loved and accepted for who they are. Eden Bristow is a feline shifter and covert agent with the DCO. Not exactly conducive to meeting guys who accept her claws and all. Former Army Special Forces soldier Travis Dalton meets Eden when they both stop Eden’s future brother in-law and his bff from being mugged. Eden is amazed when Travis doesn’t flinch at the sight of her fangs and claws. Travis has seen so much that Eden’s add ons don’t faze him. He thinks she is the hottest thing he has ever seen. Eden is tough and sweet and so is Travis. These two make your heartstrings sing. I really love the X-OPS Series by Paige Tyler and this is a fantastic addition.

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