Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Slow Burn (Dragon Royalty #1) by Terri A. Wilson

Remington Montgomery is a modern dragon straddling the worlds of tradition and the past. His drive for advancement made him one of Atlanta’s finest detectives and one the most sought-after bachelors. But none of the women he’s met move him the way his first love, Dai Ito, once did.

Dai Ito’s family pushes her to win in every area of life. They raised her to sit on the throne as the reigning Dragon Queen but never bothered to ask what she wanted. Only one person has ever challenged her, Remington Montgomery.

During a Beltane proclamation, Fate intervenes, and these two are chosen to reign as king and queen, a sacred duty chosen from every third generation. Only one problem- they have a serious love-hate relationship.

Then Dai’s sister goes missing and they must work together to find her. Can this king and queen set aside their hatred, and learn to work together as only a royal couple can?

My review:
A Slow Burn is the first in a fantastic new series by Terri A. Wilson. This is a paranormal romantic suspense that had me flipping pages so fast I confused my kindle. Dai and Remi are childhood rivals thrown together as adults and neither is thrilled with the idea. Time has changed them both and childhood grievances can be put aside. Dai needs to finish her studies and Remi has a murderer to catch. Can they do their duties to family, dragonkind, society and themselves?
I really got into this story so when it ended I was bereft. I can’t wait for the next in the series cause I have questions. 

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