Sunday, May 26, 2019

Her Redeemed Hero: Federal Paranormal Unit by Terri A. Wilson

Washington Bender should have fought harder. He should have made better choices. Life is full of should-have’s, and living in the past is a waste of time. Until that past comes knocking at the door. As a US Marshal, Washington protects paranormal witnesses, but a call from his sister pulls him back to protect the pack he walked away from and face the woman he should have never left. 

Axelle Michaels takes care of other people’s kids but struggles to take care of her brother. When he falls into a wrong crowd that includes the alpha of her pack, he makes a wrong turn that could get him killed. Now, she has to trust her first love to save her brother and her pack. Can she forgive him from walking away and turning his back on her when she needed him most? 

My review:
Her Redeemed Hero is a second chance romance with teeth. After making the choice 18 years ago to cut and run and making other bad choices since Washington Bender has been given the opportunity to work off his sentence by working with the FPU Marshalls. He is smart and strong both assets to the job. But choices have consequences and the folks back home are dealing with the fall out of Washington’s abandonment years ago. Now he has to go back and face the past. He isn’t worried that his body can take it but his heart may not survive.
This is a sweet story of getting it right the next time and a forever kind of love.

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