Monday, May 13, 2019

Her Teacher Mate: A Seasoned Shifters Novel by Tasha Black

A sizzling hot teacher burning for the one thing he can’t have, a student with a forbidden fantasy that’s more than just a crush, and an enemy determined to keep them apart… 

Ten years ago, Ian Anderson met the woman he instantly knew was meant to be his mate. There was just one problem – he was a brand-new high school teacher, and she was a top student. Though he ached to protect Bianca and was desperate to take her as his mate, he knew she was still too young for him to stake his claim. So Ian did the only thing he could – he walked away - from his job, and his forbidden desire. 

Now Bianca Silver is back in Tarker’s Hollow to do her graduate research. She’s never gotten over her inexplicably intense yearning for Mr. Anderson, which she swears is more than a silly schoolgirl fantasy. But an unexpected encounter with him alone in the woods sends her quiet new life into a tailspin, putting Bianca in the path of grave danger and showing her a depth of longing and pleasure she never imagined was possible. 

With Bianca by his side, Ian has everything he ever dreamed of. But loving her isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Between Bianca’s stubborn streak and the efforts of a mysterious attacker who seems to want her out of the picture, it’s going to take all her smarts and his experience for these fated mates to begin their new life. 

Experience Required. 

If you like wolves, magic, strong women, and alphas with experience, you’re going to love Seasoned Shifters, set in the steamy shifter world of Tarker’s Hollow

Her Teacher Mate*
Her Lawyer Mate
Her Doctor Mate
Her Professor Mate

My review:
Her Teacher Mate is a sweet second chance romance. I really enjoyed this story as I’ve always wondered what would happen if a wolf shifter finds their mate at an inappropriate age. Ian meets his mate when she is a student at the school he’s just started teaching at. He bailed and she went on to graduate. Now she is back and he is determined to claim her. This was an enjoyable romp that I recommend.

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