Wednesday, July 26, 2017

West of Forgotten by Lynda J. Cox


Banished from civilization to the Wyoming Territory, U.S. Marshal Harrison Taylor holds a deed to half the Lazy L. He isn’t sure why his beautiful new partner, Rachel Leonard, doesn’t trust him. He has to convince her he is nothing like the man who abused her and he must earn her trust before the escalating attacks at the Lazy L turn deadly.
For six years, Rachel has worked to repair a shattered life. Caring for her son and invalid father leaves little time to keep the Lazy L profitable. She doesn’t want a business partner simply because her father gambled away half of her beloved ranch, and most certainly doesn’t desire a husband. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with the former and can’t trust Harrison as the latter.
But unless she can learn to trust him, everything and everyone Rachel loves will be lost.

My review:

West of Forgotten by Lynda J. Cox is a riveting story that will draw you into Wyoming in the late 1800’s. Life is hard but especially so for women. Rachel is a smart and strong young woman who has dealt with the blows from life, her father, the church and the townsfolk. She hasn’t let it defeat her. When U.S. Marshal Harrison Taylor enters her life she is determined that he won’t defeat her either. Watching them grow together despite the troubles that surround them is a story worth reading. This story really touched me and left me thinking long after the last page.

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