Saturday, July 15, 2017

Watchful Wisteria (Wisteria Witches #4) by Angela Pepper

Zara Riddle is a thirty-something woman trying to balance her career and motherhood. Scratch that. Career, motherhood, and being a novice witch.
When someone from her past shows up in the most dramatic fashion (i.e. bleeding and nearly dead), this sassy single mother gains a whole new set of relationship problems to juggle.
And now there's a new ghost haunting Zara, making her do the strangest things, like gardening.
Zara's back yard is starting to resemble the lush lawns of a stately manor, yet not all is calm and serene in Wisteria. There's been an unexplained death, and someone close to the Riddle family is the prime suspect. It's time for Zara to put down her garden spade and trade it for a sharper weapon. Or, at the very least, a bigger shovel.
WATCHFUL WISTERIA is a complete, full-length novel in the hit series with millions of Kindle Unlimited pagereads!
WATCHFUL WISTERIA is the fourth book in the Wisteria Witches series, which can be read in any order but will be more fun this way:
#1 - Wisteria Witches
#2 - Wicked Wisteria
#3 - Wisteria Wonders
#4 - Watchful Wisteria
#5 - coming soon!
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My review:
Watchful Wisteria is the fourth book in the series and in my humble opinion the best yet. Our fledgling witch, Zara, is becoming more comfortable with her gifts. But she is still dealing with her job, her teen daughter, her Aunt and mentor Zinnia, and the assorted characters in town both supernatural and not, and the occasional ghost. In this installment we get to learn more about Zara’s past and solve a mystery that will turn your head around. I love the quirky characters and the authors imagination makes this series unique.

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