Thursday, July 20, 2017

Escaping Indigo (Escaping Indigo #1) by Eli Lang


Micah thought he’d always be in a band. All he ever wanted was to play drums and make great music, but when his best friend and bandmate passes away, Micah is left adrift. The thing that’s always lifted him up is now a reminder of everything he’s lost.
In an attempt to put his life back together, Micah takes a job as roadie for his favorite band, Escaping Indigo. He’s always admired the lead singer, Bellamy. On stage, Bellamy is confident, glittery, and radiant. But as the two grow closer, Micah realizes that in person, Bellamy is quiet, introspective, and a little uncertain. And that’s the person Micah is falling for.
Micah is determined to know all of Bellamy, both the rock star side and the side hidden from the audience, the side that creates music that touches Micah’s heart. Bellamy has secrets of his own, though, things he doesn’t want to share with anyone. And trying to uncover Bellamy’s truths might be the thing that ends up pushing him away.

My review:

Escaping Indigo is a gentle sweet if angsty rock and roll romance. Micah is suffering from a loss and has had his world turned upside down. Bellamy may be a rock star on the rise but he has problems of his own. Watching these two fall for each other was sweet and sometimes painful but you just know it is going to work in the end.
I would call this a young adult book. I fell for the guys and the band and am looking forward to future installments.

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