Friday, July 28, 2017

Ain't Love a Witch? (Witchless in Seattle Mysteries Book 6) by Dakota Cassidy

The name’s Winterbottom. Crispin Alistair Winterbottom. But you can call me Win, ex-international man of mystery, current resident of Plane Limbo, and ghost attached to Stephania Cartwright.
For reasons unknown to us, Stevie can hear me, perhaps because she’s also an ex. An ex-witch, in her case, having lost her powers shortly before our first fateful meeting, upon her return to her hometown of Ebenezer Falls, Washington. Now, with my guidance—and help from her familiar, Belfry, and the spectral form of my old Russian adversary, Arkady—Stevie spends her days as the town medium, with a little light mystery-solving on the side.
The latter of which I’d much prefer she’d avoid, considering the constant danger in which Stevie finds herself. You see, the longer we’re together, the deeper and more complex my feelings become for my mini-spy. And the closer she comes to discovering the few secrets I’m still trying to keep…for both our sakes. But when a precious life is on the line, even I know there’s no stopping my dove from going all in to solve the latest mystery that lands on our doorstep—literally.
Along with Arkady and Bel, I’ll assist her in this latest endeavor. Because there’s more than one precious life on the line…including the one I can’t live without.

My review:
Ain't Love a Witch? Is the sixth book in this series and I heartily recommend reading the others before reading this installment or I promise you’ll be scratching your head going huh? But if you’ve read the others you will totally enjoy this installment. Winterbottom figures out lines he won’t cross as he falls deeper for Stevie. Arkady, believe it or not, is the voice of reason. And Stevie continues to get used to her human condition all the while trying to solve the mystery left on their doorstep.
This book is another romp from the twisted mind of Dakota Cassidy that will have you laughing your mascara off.

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