Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stumble Stones: A Novel by Marilyn Baron

Hallelujah Weiss, writer for the steamy sudser As the Planet Spins, gets a second chance at love when she flees to Italy to get over her recent divorce, courtesy of her cheating ex-husband’s credit card. A woman scorned, Hallelujah has sworn off men and is determined to reinvent herself. The new Hallelujah is eager to live life on the edge, more like Polly, a character she writes and idolizes.

Lonely Berlin hedge fund manager Alexander Stone, a number cruncher who puts his faith in numerical data, still believes in destiny, despite the fact his fiancée just dumped him. Always a man with a plan, Alexander did not plan on Hallelujah.

After a chance encounter on a flight to Rome, the unlikely pair faces danger when they team up to return to their rightful owner a stash of WW II vintage jewels. The hidden diamonds hold the key to an unsolved mystery and a promise of love. 

My review:
Sweet romantic suspense. Stumble Stones follows an unlikely couple on a multi country effort to find the owner of some found precious gems. They find clues in the unlikeliest of places including the stumble stones. I really like Hallelujah and was thrilled that Alexander didn’t give up.  I could have done without the bouncing around between points of view but I enjoyed the story none the less.

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Thank you so much for featuring Stumble Stones on your blog and for your review. I really appreciate it.