Sunday, September 18, 2016

Authors at the Opry 2016

Authors at the Opry 2016

I love to read and I love meeting authors. To that end I attend reader cons and signings. This weekend my husband and I attended the first ever Authors at the Opry signing at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. I was really looking forward to this event because there were a lot of “new to me” authors attending. Attending with a broken leg made going to the meet and greet in the Fuse Sports Bar problematic. The pain meds wouldn’t allow me to drink and the bar was not wheelchair friendly. But it looked like folks were having fun. We were running on east coast time so making the 11am start time was no problem. There wasn’t a huge line waiting to get in and we had fun meeting those that were. We discovered that though we had paid $80 each for VIP tickets they were letting in everyone including the general admission free tickets. When I asked what my VIP got me I was handed an Authors at the Opry bag with a bit of swag in it. The same bags they gave to everyone at the end of the signing. I had an incredible time at the signing. I met a bunch of new to me authors, a couple of new authors and some old friends. I bought a whole lot of books and brought home a bunch of swag to give away. All in all we had a fun time. Next time I won’t buy VIP tickets and although the Gaylord is gorgeous it is also expensive and a bit of a labyrinth so we will stay elsewhere and come the hotel just for the signing. 

Enjoy the getting to know these folks:

The authors! 

Stella Hunter

Stephanie Gresham

Thia Finn - Rock & Roll

Lexi Witcher - YA

Juli Alexander

Amanda S. Hunter

Wendy McQuiston

Sarah O'Rourke

Terry Maggert 

The Fab Candace Blevins

Josie Kerr

Zeia Jameson

Betty Shreffler

Kat Mizera

Kelly Martin

Taylor Dawn

Erin Trejo

Regina Puckett - Horror and Kids Stories

Miranda Lynn - I won a bottle of wine, a sippy goblet and some other goodies from her

Stephanie Hoffman McManus - love the hair

Lita Lawson

Mary Shotwell - new author!

The lovely Abigail Lee Justice

Sweet Sidonia Rose

Scarlet Darkwood

Shelby Reeves

G.L. Skye

Alyson Reynolds

L.P. Maxa and model 

S.E. Summa

Genevieve Williams & muse. New author

Susan Burdorf

Alana Sapphire - Bikers and paranormal

Catherine Scott - incredibly sweet

Charity Parkerson - great books

Lisa Sommers

Amy Stephens

Ashley Beale

Linda Lee

Erica Gerald Mason - Poet

Isabelle Peterson - running for a cure


Suzannah Daniels

M.W. Leigh

Kathy Crice

The wonderful Sandy Sullivan

Nicole James - Bikers!

Teri Riggs 

The sensational Harper Kincaid 

D.F. Jones - I will be checking her work out

Lynn Sutton

Shelley Springfield & Emily Minton

Elizabeth York - Thanks for setting this up

Welcome back - Gina Maxwell

Krista Holly

Amy Briggs - I will get to your book one day soon

BB Easton - New author!

J.R. Rogue

Kat Savage

Kate McKeever

Donna Wright

Layla Stevens is a hoot

T.R. Cupak - I won leggings from her

Bethany Adams

Violet Howe

Reagan Hollow - New author

4 bags of books