Thursday, September 1, 2016

Deadly Genesis (Boomers #2) by Heather Long

To save her sanity may cost him his mind...

Boomers, Book 2

Amanda Kincaid
Codename: Corkscrew
Abilities: nuclear fission and fusion, absorbs energy and fires beams of radiated heat
Mission: recovery of lost memories and sanity

Kidnapped and experimented on by R.E.X. labs, Amanda's memories are foggy. She can't recognize friend from foe and she strikes out with everything she has. Only one man penetrates the storms surging in her mind, a soothing stranger with hypnotic eyes…

Simon Masters
Codename: Soothsayer
Abilities: telepath
Mission: save Corkscrew or terminate her

Cautious, methodical Simon has always been careful to keep his innermost self, contained. Simon must confront his fears—and his deepest secrets—to help the powerful mutant rein in her abilities in.

With new enemies closing in and dark revelations unfolding, the Boomers face their greatest challenge yet and the deeper into her psyche Simon pushes, the more her madness threatens them all…

Winning never felt so much like losing. The team has recovered Corkscrew, but she is lost to insanity. Simon, the most cautious of them all, must risk everything to bring her back from the brink, but losing this gambit could cost them Simon as well.

My review:
Things are getting real now.  Simon Masters is an incredibly strong telepath and the only thing keeping Amanda Kincaid from destroying friends, foes and herself. While he is distracted by that the Boomers and the Infinity Heroes are discovering new enemies and new dangers. Deadly Genesis will take you on an incredible ride of intrigue, love and betrayal. X-Men eat your heart out. Bring on the next book!

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