Monday, September 12, 2016

Sassy Ever After: Mate of Honor (Sassy Ever After Kindle World) by Renee George

Curvy fox shifter Bailey Corsac lost the man of her dreams to her childhood best friend. Though her heart still aches for the love that will never be hers, Bailey finds herself the maid of freaking honor for the wolf couple’s official union. At the wedding party’s scenting ceremony, no one is more surprised than Bailey when the groom’s older brother, and heir apparent to the alpha, decides to claim her. Forrest Blackthorn is maddening and grumpy and—okay, admittedly sexy. 

It’ll take more than growl and an alpha attitude to tame Bailey, and Forrest has another thing coming if he thinks he can simply Big, Bad Wolf this vixen. 

Forrest Blackthorn, the new alpha of the Blackthorn Pack, is instantly smitten with the sassy fox shifter, and the heat between them is nothing less than volcanic. So, he's understandably confused when she runs away from him. 

Choosing Bailey as his mate puts her in immediate danger. But the bad guys better watch out, because this wolf will stop at nothing to keep his foxy woman safe. 

Reader Note: This book is based in Milly Taiden's Sassy Mates world, and in that spirit, there is plenty of hot sex, a sassy plus-sized heroine, a hot,hunky alpha who will do anything to make her his own, and enough nail-biting action to keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end! 

My review:
I am so loving this world and the authors that are playing in it. This book is no exception. Bailey is used to being different. She is a fox living among wolves. She is a big beautiful woman who has yet to find her mate. She is smart and strong but when her worlds collide she is going to need a bit of help. If that help comes in the form of sexy wolf alpha Forrest Blackthorn so much the better. A truly fun read.

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