Friday, July 15, 2016

How Nina Got Her Fang Back (Accidentals #13) by Dakota Cassidy

It’s been a while since Nina Statleon—ex-coffin lover, current chicken wing lover—lost her vampire mojo during a particularly brutal OOPS case. Her friends Wanda and Marty are worried. Nina clearly hasn’t dealt with the emotional fallout caused by losing one’s immortality. She’s got issues. Big issues. 

And it’s time to call in the Big Gun—Paranormal Psychologist January Malone. Her friends will get Nina to the therapist’s office, even if they have to lure her with last bag of Cheetos in Manhattan. 

Of course, the girls couldn’t possibly know that Doctor Malone has an agenda. A forced agenda involving blackmail, which may just save one life…while ending another. It goes against everything January, a white witch, has ever believed in, personally and professionally. 

But the alternative means putting her trust in a foul-mouthed ex-vampire, her werewolf and halfsie friends, a demon, a zombie, a bear and their assorted mates… 


***Author Note: This is an Accidental Quickie and shorter in length than prior novels in the series.*** 

My review:
How Nina Got Her Fang Back contains all the wild and crazy we expect from an Accidental’s book and we get to know our favorite crazy just a bit better. Nina at a shrinks office! Just picture it. Nina is stress eating her way to an early grave. One she can fill now that she isn’t a vampire anymore. Marty, Wanda and Greg convince Nina (okay Wanda picked her up and physically puts her in the chair) to see a shrink so she can deal with her new mortality. I recommend having read the previous books before this but it certainly can be read standalone. If you like laugh out loud PNR you will adore this series.

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