Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Devil and the Deep (Deep Six) by Julie Ann Walker

Cocktail parties, political fundraisers, and charity events are Maddy Powers' way of life. But the daring man who appropriated her father's yacht a couple of months ago is still out there, somewhere, and she wants to pay him back for the scorching kiss they shared.

Behind his suave smile and ladykiller eyes, Bran Palladino carries a dark secret that keeps him from pursuing Maddy… even though he can't get her out of his head. But when Maddy is kidnapped as part of a grand scheme, it's time to put up or shut up… because Bran can't live without Maddy now.

My review:
Grouchy heroes and perky as hell heroines. In this book we see a culmination to Bran and Maddy’s romance and see the start between Alex and Mason (now that is sure to be a fun one). Action, adventure and romance set in the Grand Tortuga’s.  Neither Bran nor Mason want to fall in love each for their own reasons and Maddy has an annoying habit of spouting southern clich├ęs under stress which isn’t as bad as Alex’s nonstop chatterbox. This wasn’t my favorite by Julie Ann Walker but it is worth the read.

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