Sunday, July 17, 2016

Amber's Ace (Black Hills Wolves #51) by Taryn Kincaid

Riley Morgan, the all-star ace pitcher of the world champion New York Kings, has long hidden his secret from his adoring fans and the clamoring metropolitan press. But when a long-distance mate call distracts Riley on the mound, he suffers a freak, career-ending injury that sends him back to his South Dakota wolf pack to heal. 

Stolen from her family along with her twin sister years earlier, Amber Northridge has been held prisoner and abused by the crazed former alpha and his henchmen since she was a teen, managing to survive through her resourcefulness and wit. Now, at long last, the pack has located them and set them free. 

Home in Los Lobos, Amber recognizes the hunky baseball player she's seen on TV as her mate, but she doubts she can be with any man after all she has suffered. 

Can the romantic machinations of Los Lobos' four renowned matchmakers unite the damaged pair?

My review:
Another hit in this loosely connected series. You have got to love a hero who loses one future for his mate and still has the patience to woo her gently. Riley is no longer the all-star pitcher but he is okay with that as long as Amber doesn’t reject him. Amber has lived through hell but Riley looks like a light at the end of the tunnel. Amber's Ace is a sweet tale of love conquering past demons.

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