Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Admiral and the Wildcat: Scifi Alien Romance by Mina Carter

Gabriel Buchanan is a fighter. Once a marine, now he's an Admiral and lawyer for Alliance Fleet. He spends his time taking on the tough cases no one else dares to touch. His life changed course after a messy divorce, making him vow never to love again. Until a hot blonde who matches his drive to fight shows up on his watch. She's a real wildcat--one Gabe wants to get up close and personal with. 

Wildcat Lead Warrior, Kelis, has problems of her own keeping amorous young warriors at bay. But that's the least of her troubles--she has a secret she wants to keep at all costs. For Kelis is not just any warrior but the daughter of a Warlord with impeccable bloodlines. To her dismay, her father gives her an assignment she can't refuse--infiltrating Alliance Fleet. 

Gabe is pissed when the beautiful but lethal Kelis puts his protection detail in the medbay. What will he do when he finds out she's his now personal bodyguard? 

Sparks fly and tensions run high because Wildcats do it better...A statement Gabe is more than happy to put to the test. All...night...long.

My review:
If you believe that laughter belongs in the bedroom and that tough girls can be sexy too you will love this book. I did. Wildcat Lead Warrior, Kelis is a badass. She has been a warrior her whole life. Not many challenge her and of those that do not many win. Kelis is less than thrilled to be assigned to protect a human Admiral/lawyer but is thrilled to find out that the Admiral is a former Marine and that warriors take all kinds of forms.  The Admiral and the Wildcat is a fast paced fun and sexy read.

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