Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Naughty Wishes Part IV: Soul (Naughty Wishes #4) by Joey W. Hill

From the author of Naughty Bits, comes Naughty Wishes Part IV: Soul, when the hunger for ultimate fulfillment between three young lovers comes to a breathtaking climax…

It’s everything their hearts desire—but Samantha, Geoff, and Chris crave even more. With their feelings for one another out in the open and explored beyond their wildest dreams, other questions must be faced. Is it really love they feel? Or have they just been blinded by a relationship as intense and extreme as it is so profoundly intimate?

For Sam, Geoff, and Chris the world of Dominance and submission is more nuanced than they imagined, and they are far more vulnerable than they believed. Now, while looking for answers to a lasting happiness amid their deepest emotional and sexual needs, Sam, Geoff, and Chris discover how much innocence they’ve yet to shed. Because they’re about to make a play for the most unrealized fantasy of all…true love.

Includes a teaser for Unrestrained

My review:
Naughty Wishes Part IV: Soul brings this series to an emotional ending. In previous installments Samantha, Geoff, and Chris brought their friendship and love for each other to the next level. Now they have to learn what that means and how to keep their blossoming relationships moving forward. This is erotic romance at its finest. Yes there is smoking hot sex but what really does it for me is the emotional interactions and growth between the characters. Nobody does it better than Joey W. Hill.

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