Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sanctuary (Safe Haven #2) by Sheri Lyn

Odin has no luck in life. Recruited at a young age to an illegal testing facility left crater-sized wounds, both physically and emotionally. His only solace has been his makeshift family, other boys who escaped the facility with him. Only they can understand and share in his need for revenge.

Kylen Hagrin had a nearly perfect childhood growing up. He never lacked for love or affection. While home in between assignments as an investigative reporter, he discovers the story and the love of a lifetime.

Odin and his band of brothers need help if they want to shut down the testing site once and for all. They will do anything to rescue any children still being harmed there.

Sometimes the truths that haunt us and the truths we live are polar opposites. Before they can find common ground, a road must be paved. Some hearts need to open up to pain before love can find its way in. Odin will have to decide to love or lose the man that holds the key to his heart.

My review:
The second in a series that will tear your heart out and then make you cry happy tears. I recommend a big box of tissues and some time to get through this sweet story of men who have been through hell and come out the other side broken but not down. Watching them starting over and finding love is a trip worth taking. I am loving this series.

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