Tuesday, April 12, 2016

CYBORG PLEASURE; THE SPACE MADAM'S WARRIOR (LodeStar Series Book 6) by Cathryn Cade

LodeStar Book 6 
In space, there are even more ways to lose your lover 

She lost everything . . . 

Ilya Mondas once lived her dream—life with a band of space gypsies wandering the wild plains of Frontiera, the freedom to use her tech savvy to wreak mayhem on pirates and slavers, and her big, soft-spoken warrior Var, who adored her. Then she lost him, and the life she loved. 

She’ll do anything to get it all back . . . 

Now on her own, she must take over The Pleasure Palace, a ragtag space-station casino, home to hookers, gamblers and rogues. But one or all of them want her dead, and they have the monsters to do it—human-cyborg gladiators, created for the illegal fight ring hidden deep in the center of her new home. Where the biggest, baddest cyborg of all looks eerily like her dead husband. 

But can she trust anyone again?

My review:

This series is so much fun.  I ugly cried when Var died in Captive of Pleasure: the Space Pirate's Woman (LodeStar #3) but not as much as Ilya Mondas did. She lost her everything. The man who completed her. Total opposites, they worked. This book takes up shortly after that. You don’t have to have read Captive of Pleasure but it wouldn’t hurt and it is a great read. Ilya is hurting and striking out at everyone until Joran Stark sends her to take over the very place that her love was killed. It gives her an opportunity for revenge and a chance to start anew. This is a terrific story with a couple of fun sub plots that keep you guessing. I highly recommend.


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