Friday, April 22, 2016

Star Crossed (The Billionaires, #4) by Emma Holly

A.J. Hoyt is as cynical as she is badass, a former cop turned bodyguard. A lifetime of hard knocks taught her not to trust—a handy trait in her line of work. Given the right motivation, she knows anyone will betray their near and dear. Rather than let them betray her, A.J. keeps her shields nailed up. 

On the surface, Luke Channing’s life seems charmed. He’s a Hollywood action hero whose looks inspire fantasies. Known for being easygoing and kind to fans, his latest film made him a billionaire producer. Problem is his high profile has attracted a dangerous admirer. 

Threats like the one Luke faces aren’t new. A.J. saved his life once already. Now he doesn’t trust anyone but her to guard him. With a deadly enemy lurking in the shadows, this star-crossed pair better pray A.J.’s skills are sharp! 

My review:
Star Crossed is a sweet and sexy reverse bodyguard story that will keep you turning pages.  Emma Holly keeps you enthralled with the mystery of who would want to kill good guy actor Luke Channing and keeping your fingers crossed that Alexandre “A.J.” Hoyt can figure it out while keeping him safe.  This book may be part of The Billionaires series but can be read standalone just fine. It isn’t as overtly sexy as the others in this series which make the sex between Luke and A.J. that much hotter. I heartily recommend.

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