Thursday, February 11, 2016

Total Control by Tilly Greene


Boyd Gordon was a gorgeous, hunky Scotsman who played professional soccer. He scored big for his team, defended when necessary, all of which made for happy fans. Off the field went pretty good as well. The sexual beast reputation was often reported and true. Sex was great, unfortunately he hadn’t found the one who made his heart beat faster until her, an American lawyer.

Kat Thompson practiced family law and worked hard to pay off her student loans. The clients related horrifying stories and she tried applying what she’d learned to turn things around for them. There was no time in her life for anything other than shoes and her friends from the Faboo Shoe Coffee Crew. They knew about her kinky needs and didn’t judge, but they gave advice when she received bootie calls from her visiting Scotsman.

Everything is great when two matched souls find each other, right?

My review:

We met Boyd in Extreme Control and I totally crushed on the Scottish soccer player. In Total Control we get to see just how kinky Boyd really is. And even better he finds a woman who shares his kink and is willing to play. While exhibitionism isn’t my kink I certainly enjoyed reading about Boyd and Kat enjoying it. I was worried because Boyd operates in a high profile world and Kat can’t have her reputation besmirched either. I enjoyed seeing how Boyd found ways for them to indulge safely (most of the time).

The best thing about a book by Tilly Greene is that she always manages to show me something new whether toys or kink or predicaments she finds a new way to entertain and enlighten. If you want a smoking hot read this is for you.

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