Saturday, February 6, 2016

Next Lifetime (Hunters Book 1) by Paige Prince

Born a witch, Sarah, the daughter of the town’s only judge, keeps her gift and her love of William, a lowly farmhand a closely guarded secret. Their plans for a life together come to a grisly end when Bastian, one of the world’s most feared and evil vampires, finds out about her power and decides to add another prize to his collection. 
A hundred years later, William has been reborn as Lucas Dagan, the most powerful vampire hunter the Order of St. Marcellus has in its ranks. He has no memory of his past with Sarah. But, Sarah, now known as Caitlin, remembers. Worse, she’s now the very thing Lucas has sworn to exterminate from the earth. Any chance they might have had at happiness has been crushed. 
But Bastian has returned with far more sinister plans. Duty and passion collide when Caitlin and Lucas are forced to fight together to save the world. But will determination and remembered love be enough? Because if Bastian has his way, there won’t be a Next Lifetime for anyone.

My review:
Next Lifetime is the first in a new series. Magic, vampires, werewolves all the ingredients for a fun story. What happens when a witch and her love are interrupted by a sadistic vampire has decided to add the witch to his collection? He attacks her lover and attempts to change her. She pushes him off but not before he has terminally injured both of them. The witch throws a spell at her love to have him return to her in the future. She gets turned by another vampire who was following the first. Her love has returned only to be taken from her again by various means now 130 years later he has come back as a vampire hunter and our story begins.
Paige Prince is a gifted writer and I look forward to seeing more of this world.

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