Saturday, February 20, 2016

Choose Me (The Red Veil Diaries .05) by Toni Dambry, Marianne Morea

Never one for the party scene, Rose Landry is content with life. Quiet but independent, she has a bright career, friends and family. She’s comfortable, and exactly where she always thought she’d be. But something is missing. A need she’s denied until a chance meeting brings her face to face with a shadowed world she only dreamed existed, awaking her most wonton, secret desires. His name? Miguel León. Seductive and dark, he opens her to pleasures that only live in fantasy and the supernatural, leaving her craving more of him, and where their passion might lead.

Choose Me is a $.99cent novelette introducing the erotic romance series the Red Veil Diaries published under the pen name Toni Dambry (aka Marianne Morea).

My review:
Rose is the quiet studious one. When she is coerced into a night out at the new club to celebrate her sisters engagement she reluctantly goes along. What happens next is straight out of her wildest fantasies.
Choose Me introduces us to the erotic world of the Red Veil a club with in a club where your most erotic dreams become reality. The chemistry between Rose and Miguel is hot and the sex is off the charts. This is a sizzling hot, short introduction that will heat you up and leave you wanting to visit again. 

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