Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bearly Accidental (Accidentals #12) by Dakota Cassidy

At the request of their friend Antonia (Accidentally Ever After), Wanda, Marty and Nina find themselves trekking up a snowy mountainside, in search of Toni’s brother. Wanted by the mob, Cormac Vitali is hiding out in the Colorado Wilderness, where the ladies from OOPS finally catch up to him…freshly tranq’d by a bounty hunter. 

Bear shifter Teddy Gribanov realized Cormac was her life mate about five minutes after shooting his big muscly bod with her trusty dart gun. She’d be shocked by that revelation, if she wasn’t too busy getting stabbed, shot, and hunted down by a crooked cop and the Russian mob. Oh, and her psycho ex, freshly sprung from the pokey, and hell bent on making Teddy pay for putting him there. 

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it—and when it’s least convenient. Join Wanda, Marty and Nina, manservant Archibald, sweet zombie Carl, and demon Darnell as they hatch a plan to bring down everyone standing in the way of Teddy and Cormac’s accidental happily ever after. 

My review:
Wanda, Marty and Nina are back and nuttier than ever. This time they are taking on Bears and the Russian mob. As Nina would say easy peasy but this time it is going to take a bunch of their friends to bail accidental bear shifter Cormac Vitali and born bear shifter Teddy Gribanov out of a mess with the mob and some dirty cops. This is a really sweet and wacky tale.
This can be read standalone but you will probably enjoy it more if you’ve read Accidentally Ever After.

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