Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wolf with Benefits by Heather Long

After graduating college and spending a summer breaking the law, Shiloh Sullivan needs to make amends and accomplish something for Willow Bend. When she returns home, her best friend—the wolfish and playful Matt Montgomery—distracts her. In an effort to make his mother feel better, Matt cons Shiloh into telling his mother that she came home for him. The little fib, he promises, is all his mother needs to feel better about his sister’s recent mating and exodus across the ocean. Pretending a relationship with a wolf is impossible and, while Shiloh might be human, she knows the rules...

The friendly-with-benefits arrangement suits Matt fine. It makes his mother happy, helps the pack forgive his best friend, and gives him a reason to pry into the secrets Shiloh’s been keeping. Still, the closer they get and the more rules they break, the more Matt’s wolf wants to change their con game into a mating game. Two problems stand in his way—Shiloh’s very human parents never wanted their children to take the bite, and a wolf from across the line has his eye on her, too. Can Matt keep his best friend and mate her too?

My review:
Though this can be read standalone I recommend this whole series as it ROCKS! Shiloh was one of the Willow Bend humans responsible for helping set up the new pack. Now she is home and on probation. She is being harassed and ostracized by wolf and human alike. Except for her best friend Matt who comes up with a plan to help her out and if it ends up helping him out too so much the better. What they didn’t expect was falling in love. SO MUCH FUN!
Previously released in the Romancing the Wolf anthology

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