Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mace: November (Mystic Zodiac Book 11) by Brandy Walker

One simple request… 

Park Ranger Mace Seneca and Astronomer Piper Whitney have a past. One that bears repeating, if the Gods have their way…but, with a few slight changes. They broke up almost a year ago over something utterly ridiculous. She wanted him to come to Thanksgiving dinner at her parents’ house. He didn’t. Instead of explaining that the thought of going freaked Mace out, as he was worried about expectations, he left Piper standing on the sidewalk. Cold. At night. In the middle of November. And on her own. 

It should have been the end. 

But, when the Gods dip their hands into the lives of humans and Mystics, things tend not to stay over. With a little astronomical fiddling, Mace and Piper are thrust back into each other’s lives. They’re forced to work together in order to recover a meteorite that just happened to land in the State Park where Mace worked. Each of them dread and anticipate the encounter. What would it be like to see the person you still had feelings for? How would you cope with not being an us? 

Leads to a second chance… 

Working separately during the day and then spending their nights in close quarters, each of them wonder if they could be a couple again. Before that can happen, however, they need to examine how they fell apart so easily, and if they can truly have a second chance at love.

My review:
I love this loosely connected series. I think Mace may be my favorite to date. Eros feels like Chloe has had it too easy to date and needs a challenge. Getting Mace and Piper back together will be a real challenge.
Park Ranger Mace is a First Nations Mystic. Piper is a human Astronomer. After dating for five months Mace pulled a real asshole move and ditched Piper by the side of the road at night. He has missed her ever since but male pride and stupidity have kept him from trying to get her back. Now a year later she has been dropped into his care while she recovers a meteorite that has fallen in his park.  The forced closeness gives them time to examine what they had and gives Mace time to grovel. Can Piper forgive him? Can they start anew? This book is less about the Mystic and the flash boom of new love and more about what it takes to have lasting love. Seeing the characters grow is sweet and painful and fun.

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