Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Boyfriend for Hire (West Side Romance #2) by Gail Chianese

In this sexy new series, author Gail Chianese celebrates the heart—and the heat—of modern dating. This time, a temporary boyfriend may be the right man for a permanent position…
The only girl in a family of five brothers, Tawny Torres has had enough of waiting on men. She has her life and her career all mapped out, and neither includes an apron, an iron, or a husband—yet. But when a new job emphasizes a healthy balance of work and play, she needs a guy to stand in as her love interest at a company picnic. Gorgeous charmer David “King of Pleasure” Farber fits the bill perfectly—so well that Tawny is shocked to realize she’s having a hard time letting him go…

David’s a confirmed bachelor, but he can’t get enough of Tawny’s firecracker combination of tough and tender. Unfortunately, he’s overloaded with work at his construction firm and now definitely isn’t the time for distraction—he struggles enough with that already. Still, he can’t ignore his feelings for Tawny. He’ll just have to convince her that he’s more than a 
boyfriend-for-hire. And she’ll have to prove he can trust her with his biggest secret…

My review:
Boyfriend for Hire is a fun read. I had no idea that this was the second in a series but it can be read standalone. This is a case of chemical attraction between the best friends of the first book. They choose not to act on it because they figure they will have to deal with their best friends when it goes south. And it will go south because David’s a confirmed bachelor and Tawny is working to get ahead. She comes from a traditional family that want her to find a man and settle down having babies. Not in her plans right now. I really like Tawny she is strong, smart and kind. David isn’t as big a jerk as he first appears. When Tawny is forced to quit her job she needs a “boyfriend” to nail down her new job. David is there and is hired (not really) to be her boyfriend. When one date turns into several and they discover the attraction isn’t just chemical things get fun.  Everyone loves David and you will too.

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