Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kiss the Flame (1001 Dark Nights #27) by Christopher Rice

In a standalone novella that combines the worlds of THE FLAME and his novel, THE SURRENDER GATE, New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice returns you to a mysterious candle shop in the New Orleans French Quarter where the scents of passion provide the courage to embrace your heart's desire.

Are some risks worth taking?
Laney Foley is the first woman from her hard working family to attend college. That's why she can't act on her powerful attraction to one of the gorgeous teaching assistants in her Introduction to Art History course. Getting involved with a man who has control over her final grade is just too risky. But ever since he first laid eyes on her, Michael Brouchard seems to think about little else but the two of them together. And it's become harder for Laney to ignore his intelligence and his charm.
During a walk through the French Quarter, an intoxicating scent that reminds Laney of her not-so-secret admirer draws her into an elegant scented candle shop. The shop's charming and mysterious owner seems to have stepped out of another time, and he offers Laney a gift that could break down the walls of her fear in a way that can only be described as magic. But will she accept it?

Light this flame at the scene of your greatest passion and all your desires will be yours...
Lilliane Williams is a radiant, a supernatural being with the power to make your deepest sexual fantasy take shape around you with just a gentle press of her lips to yours. But her gifts came at a price. Decades ago, she set foot inside what she thought was an ordinary scented candle shop in the French Quarter. When she resisted the magical gift offered to her inside, Lilliane was endowed with eternal youth and startling supernatural powers, but the ability to experience and receive romantic love was removed from her forever. When Lilliane meets a young woman who seems poised to make the same mistake she did years before, she becomes determined to stop her, but that will mean revealing her truth to a stranger. Will Lilliane's story provide Laney with the courage she needs to open her heart to the kind of true love only magic can reveal?

My review:
With only 125 pages Christopher Rice takes you on an intricate tale involving two intersecting storylines leaving you satisfied yet wanting more. This story takes place in New Orleans a place the author describes with intimate detail.
Laney Foley is a young woman struggling to go to college and make something of herself. She is a little older than her fellow sophomores and is attending on a full ride scholarship. Because of her background she has trust issues. Without trust there can be no love. Perhaps that is the lesson TA Michael Brouchard has been placed in Laney’s life to teach. Michael is sweet, sensitive and a total hunk. He is also smitten with the smart independent Laney. Can she learn to trust enough to love?
Lilliane Williams appears to be a young black woman. She can identify with Laney having been where she was back in the 50’s. She made a different choice and ended up indebted endowed with eternal youth and startling supernatural powers, but the ability to experience and receive romantic love was removed from her forever. When she meets Laney she sees herself in her and is determined that Laney not end up like her.
Kiss the Flame is an intriguing romantic tale that will stay with you long after the last page is turned. Well done Mr. Rice.

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