Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hope For Christmas (Cowboy Way) by Becky McGraw

Hope For Christmas was originally included in the holiday anthology Santa Wore Spurs. This novella launches The Cowboy Way series. 

Cord Dixon, Mr. Laramie in the world of western clothing modeling, loses his job because he refuses to sleep with his female boss. Christmas is coming, and his bills are due, so he takes the only job he can find. A mall Santa. Socialite wedding photographer, Hope Carlisle’s life disintegrates when she ruins the wedding of the year. In one fell swoop, she loses her best friend, her business partner and her fiancĂ©. Unemployed and needing a job fast, Hope takes a job as an elf photographer at the local mall. She is not looking forward to her new job, until she meets her sexy Santa. Individually, Hope and Cord’s lives seem to be a hopeless mess. But with the magic of Christmas in the air, they work together to reclaim their lives and find love in the process. 

My review:
I’ll admit I got this because it was a free read on Kindle. I love Becky McGraw’s cowboys and Cord Dixon is one sizzling hot cowboy. Hope is a city girl but they both are in trouble and they may each be the answer to each others troubles if their hearts don’t get in the way. But in the way of all good romances hearts get involved and then the fun begins. If you’ve never read Becky McGraw this is a great way to get to know her work. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and so will you.

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