Saturday, July 18, 2015

What Not To Were (Paris, Texas Romance Book 2) by Dakota Cassidy


Welcome back to Paris…Texas, that is. Where witches, werewolves, and magic rule the day. Or do they? Passion, missing memories, and a looming deadline will keep you turning the pages of What Not to Were by USA Today bestselling author Dakota Cassidy. 

Werewolf Calla Allen’s ready to take her relationship with hot warlock Nash Ryder to the next level—the one where, after months of dating, they finally make the long anticipated woot-woot. (Yay!)

It’s been a long road getting to where she is in her life, and Calla finally feels comfortable enough to share that with the man she’s fallen wildly in love with.

And gorgeous Nash is more than ready to commit—until he wakes up after an incredible night of passion and finds any memory of Calla on the missing list. (Boo!)

Now she has to make him remember or lose him forever. And the proverbial clock is ticking…(EEK!)

My review:
Dakota Cassidy makes me gigglesnort and laugh out loud. This book is no exception. Werewolf Calla has been taking it slow with the hunky cowboy warlock Nash.  She loved him before she left and now she is back nursing an injured pride after being rejected cruelly but her ex boss/boyfriend. It seems the whole town is ready for them to take the next step and they are betting a year of beer and a bucket of chicken on it.  But does it count if he doesn’t remember her or doing the deed?  There is something funny going on here.  Go read and find out.  You will be glad you did.

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