Friday, July 17, 2015

Phoenix Crossing (ROAR) by Cara Carnes

Phoenix Crossing (ROAR) by Cara Carnes - Romance>Erotic Romance
She’ll commit the ultimate betrayal to save those she loves….

Xandra was forged in the fires of heaven’s nemesis and sharpened by humanity’s executioners. As a child, she failed to protect her little sister. With Riles located, Xandra will do anything to save her—even if it means committing the ultimate crime. Forced into a perilous situation, she’s drawn to the Alpha wolf shadowing her every move. Trust comes with a high price—one she’s paid too many times to count. But the sexy man her inner beasts desire refuses to give up.

The half-phoenix, half-angel was an assignment at first, a potential threat to the campus pack Lane had assumed leadership of. The longer he follows her, the more his wolf is drawn to protect her. Frustrated with her inability to trust him and his pack, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Claiming the curvaceous hellion would be simple, but he’s determined to win the trust of the warrior beasts within her.

My review:
Phoenix Crossing takes place shortly after Phoenix Rising. While Phoenix Rising tore my heart out Phoenix Crossing took it out stomped on it and put it through a shredder just to piece it back together with a feel good ending.
Xandra feels responsible for Riles horrid childhood not realizing that hers was just as bad in a different way. As mixed breed children of parents that weren’t supposed to mate let alone procreate Xandra and Riles are special and stronger than they realize.  While Riles was going through hell on earth with the shifters Xandra was defying the odds and training with Angels and Phoenix.  Her uncle is King of the Phoenix and he hates/fears her but it doesn’t keep him from using her. Enter Lane campus pack alpha.  He needs to keep an eye on the unknown halfling not only to keep his pack and Riles safe but because his wolf just won’t let him do otherwise.   
This story is well written and fast paced.  It will keep you riveted from the first page to the last. 
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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