Monday, July 13, 2015

Love Beyond Expectations (Outsiders #5) by Rebecca Royce

Christophe has always known he was different. Born to a wealthy French family, he has never told anyone that he is frequently thrown through time and space to visit with ghosts and other terrifying creatures. But now he knows he is an Outsider and moreover that he has a soul mate somewhere out in the world waiting for him. When his brother is taken, he heads to Maine to search for help, never expecting that his love is the woman he has lusted after for years.

Ruby lived her childhood on the run and her adulthood trying to make sense of the strange things that happen to her. Now, she’s with the Outsiders but she is still unsure if she’ll be able to step up when it’s her turn to fight the evil seeking to destroy them all.

Together, Ruby and Christophe will change the fates of the Outsiders. Or die trying.

My review:
Things are heating up and we are getting a clearer picture of the stakes of failure.  The fight to get the Outsider soul mates together is becoming more important and the demon formerly known as Sebastian seems to be making headway.  In this installment Ruby and Christophe finally get together but it isn’t easy or smooth.  This story will leave you breathless. Hang on for the ride.

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