Thursday, July 23, 2015

Amber: July (Mystic Zodiac #7) by Brandy Walker

She’s isn’t looking for happily ever after…

Amber Thompson is a Siren. A love-em and leave-em, let’s have some fun for a little while kind of woman who isn’t looking for a long romance, let alone a happily ever after. It just isn’t part of a Siren’s DNA. She loves her life in the small town of Summerset and loves working at the Mystics Only bar, Ecstasis D. Taking home a sexy as sin wolf for a night of fun shouldn’t change that.

He didn’t know he was looking for a change…

Andreas Stathos is a bored, business suit wearing, drowning in paperwork, wolf-shifter. His company, A Shift in Style, is doing great and he couldn’t be happier, except the spark he used to feel is missing and has turned into obligation. It doesn’t help matters that he can’t remember the last time he had a date or took the time to go wolf. At a friend’s urging, he gets out of town for the long weekend hoping to get in touch with his wolf and maybe find a little companionship.

Maybe together they’ll find something more.

As soon an Andreas steps into the bar, Amber and Andreas both know their lives will be changed. But how much depends on one stubborn Siren and one wolf’s ability to convince her they have a future together.

My review:
Amber is a Siren who is happy living the single life.  She has sex with whomever she wants and answers to no one. So what is a girl to do when a smoking hot, sexy Greek werewolf insists she is his Mate.  Fate and fabulous sex will turn a girls head but will it claim her future?  We find out in this fun addition to Brandy Walker’s Mystic Zodiac series.  Summer just got a whole lot hotter.

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