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Romancing the Wolf anthology

Romancing the Wolf by Heather Long, Melissa Schroeder, Brandy Walker, Saranna DeWylde, Virginia Nelson, Rebecca Royce, Cara Carnes, Desiree Holt, Gayle Donnelly, Jennifer Kacey 

Sexy and we know it! They’re on the hunt after your heart. Discover 10 brand new passionate tales of friendship, desire, wolves, survival, and redemption. Escape to another world, another place, and another romance… 

Warning: Contains wild heroes and heroines, tempestuous passion, old secrets, new discoveries, and pack ties binding them together. Sometimes love’s greatest challenge is romancing the wolf…

My review:

10 fantastic tales of hot wolves finding their future.

The Devora by Desiree Holt – You know it has to be smoking hot if it was written by Desiree Holt and it is but even more this is a really fun and sweet tale of a wolf looking for her past so she can find her future.

The Ardennes Curse (The Woolven Secret) by Saranna DeWylde – We met the main characters for this story in Princess of the Pack (found in the Under a Wolf Moon anthology). You will get into this story faster if you’ve read that but if not this can be read standalone.  What happens if you finally find your mate but your bite might kill her? The new alpha of the Ardennes will get to find out.

Odd Mate by Virginia Nelson – This story takes place in the world of the Odd series but stands alone just fine. Odd Mate tells of a second chance at romance.  There is a wonderful mix of humor and heat in this tale of love and politics.

Running with the Wolves (The Cascadia Wolves) by Gayle Donnelly - This story takes place in the world of The Cascadia Wolves but stands alone just fine. This is a sweet and sexy tale of the bodyguard and the kindergarten teacher with secrets of her own. 

Redemption’s Forgiveness (The Rending) by Cara Carnes - This story takes place in the world we were introduced to in the Under a Wolf Moon anthology. A world I’d love to explore more of. Love can be found under even the most trying of circumstance.

Under Her Spell by Brandy Walker - Brandy Walker is one of my favorite new authors and she just keeps getting better.  We met Diego as a secondary character in Gideon: March (Mystic Zodiac #3). This story can be read standalone but if you like it you should go back and read Gideon.  Gideon and Ryder are getting married and Diego has to go pick up Gideon’s cousin from the airport. Daphne is a hybrid ½ wolf ½ witch and there are those who want her to choose sides.  She won’t be with anyone who cannot accept all sides of her.  I LOVE this story.

Always (Dragon Wars) by Rebecca Royce - We met the main characters for this story in the Under a Wolf Moon anthology. This is an incredibly complex world and we get to see a bit more of it in this story.  I was amazed at how much information was packed into this relatively short story.  This story blew me away.

Violet’s Shadow (Shadow Mates) by Jennifer Kacey  - I love anthologies as I find “new to me” authors like Jennifer Kacey . This story introduces a young woman to the future she is destined for.  This story had me laughing and crying and oh yes there was sighing too.

Wolf with Benefits (Wolves of Willow Bend) by Heather Long – Though this can be read standalone I recommend this whole series as it ROCKS! Shiloh was one of the Willow Bend humans responsible for helping set up the new pack. Now she is home and on probation.  She is being harassed and ostracized by wolf and human alike. Except for her best friend Matt who comes up with a plan to help her out and if it ends up helping him out too so much the better.  What they didn’t expect was falling in love.  SO MUCH FUN!

The Alpha’s Saving Grace by Melissa Schroeder - I have come to the opinion that there isn’t a genre that Melissa Schroeder can’t write.  This is a fun and sexy tale of murder, mayhem and romance told with humor and grace.  I got a total kick out of Jacob and Alex. 

This boxset is incredible.  Each story is complete and there is something for everyone who likes their wolves hot and sexy.  Go buy this now.

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