Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Playing Against Type (Soulgirls #4) by Heather Long

"There's nothing more deceptive than the truth... "

"Soulgirls, Book 4"

Pepper Kirk lives for the moment. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she set out to see the world and found a place-and remission-at the Arcana Royale. For once, life is perfect. Until a federal agent appears, determined to catch the casino in corruption.

Owing her very existence to the magic that sustains her, Pepper reluctantly agrees to seduce the handsome agent and sabotage his surveillance, though she's not sure how a woman without a dishonest bone in her body will make it work.

Finn Mickelson's investigation into a crime family is only a smokescreen to keep his real targets off balance. Nothing will keep this witchborn from digging into the secrets of the Royale-not even a Southern belle with honeyed tones and a sweet smile.

He quickly sees through her ruse, yet he finds himself falling under the spell of her porcelain doll beauty, even wanting to help her. But for love to take hold, they'll have to play the house in a game that's stacked against them...or lose their lives.

Warning: Contains lies, deceptions, twists, turns, behind-the-scenes plotting, a man with a revengenda, a Southern belle who just wants to live her life-and a game they didn't know they were playing.

My review:
I read a lot so when I find something fresh and different I just gobble it up.  This series is unlike anything else I’ve read and damn if it is fun.  This story has it all - romance, mystery, magic, fun, sorrow and a little bit of sex thrown in for good measure.  If you are looking for escape this is a wonderful series to take you away. You could probably read this stand-alone but I think you would get more out of it if you’ve read the earlier books.  And isn’t the cover pretty.

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