Sunday, March 23, 2014

Divine Solace (Nature of Desire #8) by Joey W. Hill

Book 8 in the Nature of Desire series.

After too many failed relationships, Gen has settled into a quiet, acceptable life as a middle-aged single woman. But then she meets Mistress Lyda and her sexy male sub Noah, and the two of them give her a different view of “acceptable”—as well as a renewed longing for the type of love and romance she thought had passed her by.
Gen has been Marguerite Winterman’s employee at Tea Leaves for some time, and has a close relationship with the reserved, intimidating woman. It isn’t until Mistress Lyda steps into her life that Gen understands why she’s always felt safe under Marguerite’s direction. And with the intriguing Noah guiding her in the world of Domination/submission, Gen’s about to discover a new way to love—and live.
Inside Scoop: Gen’s journey includes references to male/male relationships and a beautifully erotic portrayal of two women falling in love within the ménage.

My review:
Joey W. Hill is an incredible wordsmith.  I think she tries out each word for form, function, taste, temperature, flavor, nuance, color, scent and purpose.  It is because of this that you are never let down by one of her well-crafted tales.  Each book is an erotic and sensual experience.  Divine Solace is a F/f/m story that will make you feel.  You will laugh, cry and sweat.  It came very close to breaking my heart.  Although this is Book 8 in the Nature of Desire series it can be read stand-alone but fair warning it will make you want to go back and read the others.  

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