Friday, March 28, 2014

Fly Guy Next Door (Freefall #2) by Brandy Walker

Marlowe Scott is living the dream. She bought her first house, opened Whispers, a lingerie boutique, and is seeing her hot next-door neighbor Kegen Ferris. The only hang-up in her ideal life…she’s falling for Kegen harder and faster than she thought possible. She’s not sure that’s the best move she’s ever made.

My review:
I LOVED this book.  It was even better than the first.  Mostly because I liked Kegen better.  We met Kegen Ferris and his brothers in Caught in the Moment (Freefall #1).  He is the quiet middle brother.  But still waters run deep.  He needs someone like Marlowe in his life.  She is outgoing and fun and not afraid to take risks except with her heart. 
Brandy Walker tells this sweet and sexy tale so that you feel you know these people and care about what happens to them.  This is a well written story of two hearts finding each other at the right time and place.  I love that she was true to her characters and understood that all three brothers are very different souls even though they are so close.  I can’t wait to see Rev fall.

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