Sunday, March 16, 2014

Only For Him, Part Three: Submission (Only For Him #3) by Melissa Schroeder

Addison Mahler isn't the kind of woman who usually goes for the big, bad Dom. Unfortunately, Vic Walton, part owner of his own BDSM club, has gotten under her skin. Come along in the first Harmless Serial and find out how their journey to love goes- free on the website each month, December through April.

I have a problem with serials in that I want it all and I want it now. In this episode Addy and Vic scene for the first time and they are smoking hot together. Now I wait for the next installment.  

Reading Order:
Book 1: Proposal
Book 2: Seduction
Book 3: Submission
Book 4: Deception
Book 5: Surrender

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Only For Him

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