Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Professional: Part 3 (The Game Maker #1.3) by Kresley Cole

Are you ready to play?
Yet all is not as it seems. To remove Natalie from an enemy's reach, Sevastyan spirits her into hiding. From an opulent palace in Russia to the decadent playgrounds of the mega-wealthy in Paris, the two lovers will discover that even their darkest - and most forbidden - fantasies can come true…

My review:

This third and final installment starts with the hottest scene yet.  Sevastyan is torn between scaring Natalie away and wrapping her up in cotton to keep her safe from everyone including him.  Natalie is growing up and exploring her sexuality.  Sevastyan has issues and an independent girl from America isn’t going to let him keep her out for long.  If he can’t get over them he may be getting over her.  This is NOT Immortals After Dark. This is an intense, well written erotic story that I shall revisit again.

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