Thursday, January 23, 2014

Magic Possessed (The Hidden #2) by Jaime Rush

They are the Hidden.
Not quite human. Far from normal.
And never, ever safe…

Too Hot To Handle

Her brother was mysteriously murdered with no witnesses, clues—or motives. Yet Violet Castanega knows he won't be the last to die unless she seeks help. But the Hidden's law enforcement won't come to the aid of her rowdy dragon clan, and the only person who will listen to her is one tough cop. Violet has tangled with him before, and it got rough. This time, it's getting hot…

Too Close For Comfort

Powerful Guard member Kade Kavanaugh has been ordered to take out Violet Castanega. While assassination orders don't come with explanations, his instincts scream that killing the feisty beauty is wrong. Now Kade must put his career, not to mention his life, on the line to save her. But as the passion—and the danger—heat up between Kade and Violet, can they survive the darkest magick of all?

My review:
Second books are always a guessing game will it be better or worse.  Can the author bring the excitement of the first book into the second?  In this instance the answer is heck yeah!  This is the second in a very loosely connected series (you don’t have to have read the first to get the second but you are going to want to read the first, Dragon Awakened, at some point because it is so good) and it is as good as the first if not better.  Fast paced, sexy, and super fun.  I couldn’t put it down I just had to see what was going to happen next.  If you are a fan of paranormal romance you are going to want to check this wonderful series out. 

This book is supposed to go on sale on January 28th but I was able to get an early copy.

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